PC Speedy Phone Scam

Monday Monday! Got a call this morning from “PC Speedy” 🙂

Not a lot of time to play today so here is an example of a “Go away quickly” script. They get discouraged fairly fast when there doesn’t appear to be a good mark on the line…

If you get one of these calls and have some time, keep them on the line as long as you can. You will be doing your part to help prevent other more vulnerable people from being robbed. Seriously. hanging up has no effect and sometimes they just call right back. Identify yourself as an unprofitable target and they won’t call back. If you can, record the call, toy with them (that typically angers them once they catch on). If you have the time, waste their time. It takes time away from them for other calls and can help prevent others from being robbed.

PS: IF you record one of these calls please share it with Engineer LLC to help keep people informed.