1983 D.C. Johnson FAC-1 Revision C

This is a 1983 D.C. Johnson FAC-1 Revision C. It works like new with just few minor repairs. That’s 30 years in service and now ready for many more. Not bad!

The D.C. Johnson FAC-1 is an Air/Fuel control unit similar in function to the OEM “Lambda Controller” units for European cars equipped with mechanical fuel injection systems. It was designed to retrofit cars made for sale in the European market before emissions regulations were instituted, to meet United States specifications after they were imported into the United States of America.

Another Entertaining Blog for Engineers

I was watching the latest “Mailbag” episode on Dave (That Crazy Australian Bloke) Jones’ EEVBlog wherein he mentions another Video Blog (VLOG?) “ToddFun.com”. Todd sent in a Chinese market Fluke meter for Dave to “analyze”. Buyer beware, the meter doesn’t stand up so well to Dave’s first impression. He hinted at fun future plans for it though, I think the magic smoke may be released soon!

By all means check out “ToddFun.com”. as well…


While Todd may not be quite as “Energetic” as Dave, if you like nuts & bolts it’s definitely one for your favorites.