bGeigie Nano part 1 (unboxing the kit)

The bGeigie nano is an updated and smaller version of the original bGeigie nuclear radiation monitor and geo-referenced radiation mapping device. These devices were developed by the Safecast organization to provide radiation monitoring and data mapping by and for the public.

The kits were offered for pre-order recently, so I signed up on the waiting list and was able to get one in the first batch of kits provided in the US by International Medcom. The kit arrived at the end of June (they sent a resistor to change out an incorrect value part in the kit a few days later) and It’s finally time to open the box after about a month on the shelf.

The first video in a series on the bGeigie nano, unboxing and discovering what parts are in the kit.

To get your own bGeigie nano kit, see this page at International Medcom.